Top 3 Transformer games

3 games based in the Transformer universe

There is little left for the premiere of the awaited new movie at the cinema of Transformers 5: The Last Knight in August of this year 2017 where in the News Section we are impatient to attend its premiere in theaters, but as you know many "Transfans" the rich universe of this mythical saga not only is originally set in the movies to yes that in this article we bring you.


The 3 best games based on the Transformers universe.

1-. Transformers Devastation:


A game created and developed by popular video game producer Platinum Games best known for being the creators of Bayonetta, Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising, therefore as you can guess Transformers Devastation is a great action game, you have an easy combat system Dominate by very complex that seems to you at first a high playability with a campaign of 4 hours but it compensates with the great amount of characters to choose, weapons to unlock that you will be many more hours in it, there are endless objects Collectibles and as not much action and much madness to the Platinum Games. 


It should be noted that all the designs of the transformers are faithful to those of the first series of animation G.1.

2-. Transformers War For Cybertron:


Is a third-person shooter game with really innovative mechanics. It tells the story of the Autobots and the reason why they abandon their home planet dominated by the civil war of the Transformers. The game is based on the fantastic robot franchise that is transformed into vehicles, aerial and terrestrial, developed by High Moon Studios and distributed by Activision. The atmosphere of the game is one of the most faithful and best taken to a video game of the saga, we no longer fight on Earth its original bet on the environment takes us to Cybertron and we can finally see what happens inside the planet and the Chaos that dwell in it.


The sound is spectacular full of explosions and rampant shootings will make you feel that you are involved in the war and that you are a Transformer.


The game gives you the wonderful option to choose factions and complete the game playing 2 magnificent campaigns playing as Autobot or Decepticon you will have many hours of fun and game, the game also has a mechanic where you choose at any time of the game when You control the character, transform your "Transformer" in its alternate or true form, adding to both forms new playable possibilities, new weapons and abilities from vehicle to real form.


3-. Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron:


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (La Caída de Cybertron) is a third person shooter game based on the Transformers franchise, developed again by High Moon Studios and once again distributed by Activision and set on the Transformers home planet as in the previous one Game of this top.


This game improves many aspects of the previous one, like a notable graphic improvement, bigger scenarios and more frantic shootings, is the most epic and spectacular game of the saga to yes that I recommend it enough.