Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Review

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Dead men Tells no Tales, Proves that fifths were never so spectacular!

Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead men Tells no Tales, title in English language of the United States, Pirates of The Caribbean: La Venganza de Salazar is the title they gave to this new installment of Pirates of the Caribbean in Spain, this new Promise a new adventure full of moments of action, comedy and romance, moments as spectacular as epic that is what characterized the first 3 movies of the saga, the big question that makes everyone with regard to this new film is if This new sequel is actually a "reboot" of the first three completely eclipsing the fourth part but following without being some forgotten elements, such as the legendary saber of Blackbeard where now will carry after his death the legendary and feared pirate Hector Barbossa Following to be carried out by this mythical character for many by the actor Geoffrey Rush, to itself as the cursed and sinister ship of this deceased captain pirate and also replaced By this Hector Barbossa as his new captain of an entire fleet with his own ships and pirate flag "Anne's Queen Revenge" and also the actor who starred Blackbeard in the fourth film makes a kind of apparence in this fifth installment of the Saga Ian McShane as a relative/ uncle of Jack Sparrow who as always being starred by the acclaimed and idolized actor Johnny Depp in a scene where he is found imprisoned in the same prison where Jack was also imprisoned but in a different cell, really This scene is one of the funniest in the whole movie and I laughed a lot with the joke pronounced by Jack's uncle before the Red Coach took him to his death sentence some did not understand the joke but I literally could not stop my laugh XD.


The film not only has funny moments but also as it points out in the subtitle of this review, it also has spectacular moments like the moment when the "Black Pearl" is surfing not to fall by a waterfall where the ocean had been literally split in two By the typical target artifact structure to follow the plot of this incredible saga where in this delivery everyone pursues "The trident of Poseidon" that carries with it all the curses in the sea and its power.


Also the innumerable moments where the spectral ship of Captain Salazar the villain of this new delivery carried out by the Spanish actor "Javier Bardem" devours to other ships as much of pirates as of the ones commanded by the British government, growing a sort of mouth for him by the bow , In itself the ship of Salazar itself is another villain because everything in this ship is alive and possessed by a strange ghostly power where even the sculpture of the prow comes alive to try to kill Jack and what so many fans of the saga we were Waiting amazing moment to the few minutes of beginning the film It leaves the Flying Dutchman from the depths of the sea! Very epic moment and where we see back Oooh Yes! To the captain of that same ship Will Turner noting the ravages of the curse of the Flying Dutchman and again being played by Orlando Bloom in that part we know his son Henry Turner starring the young actor Brenton Thwaites who is saved from drowning in a Of the most impressive and awesome scenes of the tape to be able to see his father in his ship by the Dutchman and we know the motivation and the noble objective to find the way to break the curse of its father and that returns home with them forever And moments where the comedy and the epic mingle brutally and perfectly, as when they are about to execute Jack through the Guillotine that is saved by its old crew with a cannonball destroying part of the platform where Jack and The Guillotine making it turn on itself because of that it is still subject to the stump in which it is hooked, without stopping the blade is always close to Scratch his neck but he can not do it because of the gravity that causes the blade to go up and down as he turns on himself, really many of the most fun and entertaining moments of the film are so good thanks to some very successful special effects And a masterful approach to camera or when the first appearance of Captain Jack Sparrow is extremely incredible, where he was inside a bank safe without knowing how or how he arrived there and how drunk he was and a woman inside with He xD "that Jack is a madman" who would then try to steal but unfortunately bad luck always haunts him and would not take a doubloon, but if the safe and the whole building with him, simply this new delivery will not leave anyone in the public dissatisfied!

The film is full of these "moments" or acts that will not let the viewer ever get bored of the plot, it is highly recommended and entertaining, unfortunately just a few minutes after finishing the film makes a clear final descent but discard it as a Important failure, if I emphasize as something important that the new female character Karina Smyth carried out by Kaya Scodelario that more than to explain part of its deep plot being the orphan daughter of Barbossa, it makes more of showcase for the feminist radical idiology so common today in The world of Hollywood film and on this subject we can draw up an article, it is thought that is more to introduce a historical concept for being a woman ahead of her time, but as they go through the scenes she only does more than use a hostile tone Against the boy of Will Turner while only trying to save it not to be hanged among other scenes that use messages clear Ambiguous and offensive to attack and insult the man, as when this character tells the pirates of the crew of Sparrow that if all pirates are fools? She really meant "all men are fools?" And of course it's like a movie they act receptively to your message, but anyway ... It's all possible to excuse these messages just by naming a single  name Disney.


In this movie we also have one of the endings and farewell of one of the most beloved characters of the series that appeared in each Pirates of the Caribbean films, Hector Barbossa dies and oh my god! I do not know why his death reminds me a lot of Yondu's in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and that it happens that Marvel Studios is owned by Disney and has copied or duplicated the same narrative material to kill a character that was already too much Wanted and at the same time as overexploited as these 2 Ah! And the two are sacrificed for the noble purpose of saving their offspring.


I also think it's a holy mistake that you have to wait 11 minutes of credits and names of the production team of the tape, to wait for the final sequence to come out after the credits that seems horrible, I had to have a lot of patience and read many names Until I could see it, and above to take me another dislike and is that they want to highlight a new delivery soon Pirates of the Caribbean so that you get illusions and oh! Davy Jones returns to the helm seems to be demonstrated in the final sequence, the "fanboys" can already wet their "panties" with that CGI scene of the clamp, nothing else would be right to let the saga give its deserved "RIP rest in Peace "and not return it to overexploited with film after film that is still about the same subject but with a different villain.


In conclusion Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Revenge of Salazar is not a reboot of the saga if not rather a recovery of how big the first 3 were and the disastrous that was the fourth film and this fifth part serves as a tribute to the Beginning of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean.


I forget also that Keira Knightley with his mythical character of the first 3 installments Elizabeth Swann makes a kind of apparence at the end of the film but little or nothing more than that a cameo for fans of the saga.


Our final note will be a very deserved... 7.5! Highly recommended that I said very entertaining never gives you the feeling of boredom in the whole plot but has several errors of dialogue and narrative that will have to be polished if there will be a continuation.

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When Disney first announced plans to build a feature film out of its venerable Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there was little reason to expect anything more than a grab for quick cash and a few Disneyland cross-promotional opportunities. To just about everyone’s surprise, Gore Verbinski’s 2003 “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” was an inspired piece of old-school popcorn entertainment; more clever, more fun, and fundamentally riskier than it had any right to be...



La saga Piratas del Caribe, una de las producciones de Hollywood más brillantes de las últimas décadas, es como una carrera por relevos en la que al fin de cada uno de sus tramos recoge el testigo un nuevo corredor; en este caso, un nuevo enemigo del capitán Jack Sparrow. Uno de los méritos de la serie, en lo que coincidió con las primeras entregas de la de James Bond, está en esos enemigos, personajes e intérpretes dignos del protagonista. Y, en esta ocasión, tanto el capitán Salazar como Javier Bardem lo son. Salazar es un capitán español que dedicó toda su vida a perseguir y ejecutar a piratas pero fue burlado por Sparrow y, preso con su nave y su tripulación en aguas rodeadas de altas rocas sombrías, espera impaciente escapar y vengarse...