Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Review

The Avengers of the space return to save the universe to the purest style of the 80's!

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume. 2 of Marvel Studios the second part we could say of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy of 2014.


A highly anticipated film for fans of Marvel comics and science fiction literature and for those looking for an experience of a quality film that mixes action, adventures and a lot of humor about the latter and there are some parts that I do not I liked it a lot on this subject but keep reading this review that I will mention the aspects that I have not liked much later.


Film starring the cast of characters already seen in the first part of Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt, as "Star Lord", Vin Diesel, as "Groot" the charismatic, adorable and "kawaii" standard character that can not stop appearing In no movie for teenagers and young adults, Zoe Saldaña as "Gamora", Dave Bautista as "Drax", undoubtedly this character is the one I liked the most and the one who laughed out loud with that humor in laughing and mention everything that obviously makes his laugh, Bradley Cooper as "Rocket", undoubtedly between Drax and Rocket are the only characters that with their humor make this film more bearable, Karen Gillan as "Nebula" Gamora's sister and Michael Rooker as "Yondu".


Well all these characters appeared in the first film of the same director of this second part James Gunn, but this new tape of these iconic heroes of the comic did not feel that far surpassed the first feeling it much...


The film goes from the least to the most and follows a little that aesthetics of Star Wars taking us in some parts to other planets, infinity of tributes to series of 90's, 80's and 70's, as in the case of when Peter Quill (Star Lord) uses Example to the Cheers series! To have argument and pretexts in a sentimental discussion with Gamora.


Or the innumerable appearances of David Hasselhoff and the mentions to his series The Fantastic Car, not to mention the great repertoire of songs of those decades that also used to be heard enough in the first part of the film, certainly the most nostalgic ones would also adore Guardians of the Galaxy Volume. 2.



Without a doubt it is a film that mixes much the humor and the action but in this sense this second delivery lacks a little respect to the one of its predecessor we refer to the action and the drama of course because of jokes there are to give and to give and to DESPAIR! And Disney and Marvel know that the first part was very successful for this theme of humor and nostalgia but here are passed 7 villages, the "jokes" the first few minutes of the film are good and fresh but the problem is that it does not rest The jokes sometimes forced and childish sound throughout the tape and it is noted that this second part is intended for a more familiar audience.


The parts that are saved are a total attention in the development of the characters and their history mainly in Star Lord with the discovery that its father Ego the living Planet had been the person in charge to end the life of its beloved and the mother of Peter And Gamora solving his problems with Nebula. They really make you escape some tear in the last minutes of the movie and the sacrifice of Yondu to save Peter's life in the last act was incredible this is for the many who asked you who died on this new tape as you know, Yondu before dying saving the life of Peter tells him that for him it was as if it were his son and that the only good thing that he did in his life was to raise him and raise him from a small boy at that moment he will touch the heartplus the tribute with much Respect of all the looters of the galaxy to Yondu.


And for those that you want to know without waiting that will happen later in the cinematic universe of Marvel the leaves to you 3 or 4 tasty sequences of after the credits that no fan are going to let him sleep thinking that it will happen next.


For this same reason we consider in the News Section that Guardians of the Galaxy Volume. 2 deserves a 6.5! It is not the best that has currently been released at the cinema but is very enjoyable.



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"Esta segunda vez no tiene encanto. Como antes, su actitud cínica y su 'buen rollo' proporciona una sensación que resulta atractivo al público. Pero resulta un segundo paseo en una montaña rusa que fue una verdadera pasada en la primera vuelta, pero que ahora se siente como un 'ya me he montado'.

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