Logan: Review SPOILER!

Logan Says goodbye to the big screen

Not surprisingly, Wolverine is one of the strongest, most charismatic, brutal and beloved characters in Marvel's superhero cast, he made us feel in those scenes from all the films that starred Hugh Jackman as Wolverine feelings of rudeness And although everything can look bad on such a gray and fallen day you can always insult and be a rude to the adversities you face accepting the challenge with desire and "it happens all the time" who you take along the way.


Logan the last and really is the last time we will see this great character on the big screen and I have to say that is the best film that has starred this mutant, the director of this new installment is the same as Wolverine: Immortal, James Mangold He was able to capture Logan's exhaustion and exhaustion throughout the film, you really feel that the character is exhausted from losing good and innocent people along the way feeling guilty that bad things happen around him, so many years have seen To lose to his loved ones that the only thing that he wants with all his soul is to see to spend his life before his eyes and to die like him that more really the personage of Hugh Jackman knew to mold very well those emotions also by its countless years playing the same personage.


And attention! This will hurt many fans who will see the film and is that Logan in the end ends up dying thanks to X 24 a more lethal and deadly copy of Logan traversing his entire column in a tree lying on the ground, his last words were .. "Yes ... This is what it feels like ..." affirming it in the arms of X 23 who managed to defeat X 24 by firing him on the head on his back with an adamantium bullet. Laura or X 23 is the daughter of Logan, not biological daughter but if was created from the genotype of Logan that later throughout the tape she and Logan exert a filial paternal relation, it is possible to emphasize that Dafne Keen at its young age and little Experience as a young actress did an impeccable work as X 23 highlighting all his brutality and being an animal as the same Logan.

All the characters on the film were excellent very well built until Patrick Stewart who we recognize him more in the cinema like Charles Xavier in the films of X MEN did very well the paper of an older man with mental deficiencies but dangerous since many of these problems On the film end up destroying many places where they stay, in turn with typical children's behaviors that age in truth the film for me has a 10, unfortunately on this film is also the last time we will see Patrick Stewart playing To this iconic character of Marvel and the X men, dying his character to himself by a horrible death caused by X 24.


In conclusion, the whole film will not make anyone disgusted with any Logan comics fan or those who simply want to see a masterpiece of action and gore movies, YES! I said gore why in this movie there are 2 things non-stop action in every act and gore in every conflict with both enemies of Logan and X 23, seeing in the scenes cut heads cut members and literally to X 24 they kill him with a bullet of Adamantium, causing her to explode the head and seeing part of the brain inside her, is not a film recommended for children, it is more designed for adults who like to enjoy the good rampant action, bloody scenes and eroticism since there are also A rather erotic scene with Logan as a limousine driver carrying some girls behind. And finally our mark will be 9.6! The stuffed characters were a bit overpowered, but it is a true masterpiece of action cinema.

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Entras en la sala dispuesto a ver un nuevo título de superhéroes y sales habiendo degustado una película en mayúsculas. ‘Logan’ es seria, pausada, brutal, dolorosa, inteligente y buena, muy buena, una propuesta que va mucho más allá del simple cine de acción. 


James Mangold ha transformado el entertainment de ‘Lobezno inmortal’ en la historia de un superhéroe de carne y hueso, ofreciendo una imagen de Wolverine mucho más potente, más cruel, más humana. Fuera las sobredosis de efectos especiales, fuera las muchedumbres de superhéroes y villanos con poderes grandilocuentes que llenan la pantalla de luces de nenón, fuera la destrucción en masa y la acción sin pausa. Bienvenido un guion comprensible para los analfabetos de los cómics, tan inteligente, absorbente y cuidado que sitúa a ‘Logan’ entre los mejores largometrajes de superhéroes, viéndose superado únicamente por el ‘Batman’ de Christopher Nolan. Ya nadie podrá substituir a Hugh Jackman, él es Lobezno y no habrá un futuro nombre que nos haga olvidar. 


Una historia de pies a cabeza, violencia hasta la médula colocada en su justa medida, ‘Logan’ decide alejarse del buen camino de los últimos títulos de X-Men para adentrarse en un mundo más oscuro y “real”, gran acierto. A los ateos del género, creed, ‘Logan’ no es otra película más, tiene personalidad, tiene argumento, tiene corazón y alma, tiene lo que hay que tener. 


Lo mejor: mucho más que una película de superhéroes. 


Lo peor: puede que no sea del agrado de los incondicionales de las típicas películas del género, pero los detractores lo agradecerán. 



Hugh Jackman makes the most of his final outing as Wolverine with a gritty, nuanced performance in a violent but surprisingly thoughtful superhero action film that defies genre conventions.