Innovation in 2017 by Nintendo

The big N and his new console really innovative

I was really looking forward to this console when I first saw it on Youtube through its advertisement, I thought the best idea on the latest technology consoles I had seen in the industry for years and is that the big N tends always to be More creative and original than its competitors, I will not say older brothers because many times Nintendo managed to give 10 thousand returns to clone consoles and over exploited Microsoft and Sony (especially the latter).


The innovation and originality of its videogame consoles is always a personal mark of the house in Nintendo, but as always happens "not everything new is always well received" and this theme always warned Nintendo since the 80's, but this theme We will leave aside why in this article we introduce you to the main features, date, price and launch games of Nintendo Switch.

Haz click aquí y espera 5 segundos para saltar los anuncios y mirar el vídeo
Haz click aquí y espera 5 segundos para saltar los anuncios y mirar el vídeo

-. Principals features, date and cost:


The most innovative videogame console ever in any sector of the video game industry, it is the hybrid technology between console and portable Nintendo Switch, the name is due to the versatility and comfort of being able to play it whenever and wherever you like A portable console and in turn use it comfortably from the security of your home as a desktop console, its control can easily adhere to the sides of the console being to itself the portable activation of the console, at the same time has a support for both "JoyCon" joining them and forming a unique control more suitable especially in multiplayer games which will also have availability joining a console with another one of someone with whom you want to compete, like the much remembered portable console of Nintendo, NDS.


Its format of game consists of the classic cartridge format "GameBoy" only requires to insert the cartridge/card inside the reading slot of the console and to play! It does not require any installation or download of updates as with its competitors. The screen has the resemblance to that of a tablet with a resolution that will operate the console: 1280x720 (or 720p) for the 6.2 inches of screen that will have, but its support to connect and play with it in desktop mode better called "Dock" will increase your performance and resolution to 1080p.


It is expected to go on sale in stores around the world on March 2, in the United States will cost (299$) and in Spain will exceed the North American price with the change of currency to euro

Are about 329.95€.


-. Principal launching games:


In premiere we have the most awaited, the longed for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this will also come out on the Wii U platform, also our dear friend and Nintendo's official plumber, Mario, with SuperMario: Oddisey, these last titles are Of open world and for Mario is something spectacular because we will see it for the first time in an open world game and like last the sequel of Splatoon.