The 4 novelties of CIVILIZATION VI

If you do not know which is the game series "CIVILIZATION" and what it represents in the cult of strategy games, I invite you to try it and you taste the best strategic expertise, management of cities, armies, global, cultural, economic domination, scientific and now with a new kind of victory religion and all the mechanics of this cult game is in every turn you make to get the 5 types of victories that exist within the game, is an important decision in your cities and domains But if you wonder if the game is short?


No, it is "nowhere near" the game is very long and thanks to technologies that give bonuses, new units, buildings and special structures called "Wonderland", increase the experience progressing through the different eras, "classic", " medieval "," Renaissance "," industrial revolution "," modern "," atomic "," digital or information "itself up to the future and space conquest taking your civilization to the most glorious and to become the most advanced world competing with other civilizations in a single game that perfectly in rhythm excellent game (patient, but never paused) can take weeks to get one of the victories (my favorite, scientific leaving an incredible end kinematics of your space shuttle through the stratosphere with the aim of colonizing new planets, for domination that can complicate and lengthen much more the game at the highest level of difficulty is also where form the most epic wars between civilizations from modern and atomic time " highly recommended "and economic become the world leader).


The game is developed by "Firaxis Games" and distributed by "2K Games" we are today a few days after its sixth chapter is published and wanted to maintain a mix of the good things he had his fourth chapter and the fifth with some very good news that I will show you now, these novelties CIVILIZATION VI.

CIVILIZATION VI, ¡One more turn!

1-. New design and game engine:


The previous installments of the franchise seeking the most realistic visuals and this could be felt in "CivIV" something very well to the saga as Civilization has always been a game more patience and not a "arcade", this time the game designers decided to give it a fresher tone and leaving behind some gray tones past deliveries and creating an atmosphere, both leaders of civilization and for something more lively atmosphere, colorful and cartoonish, as already mentioned in the introduction of this Article Civilization is a game of patience and that does not encourage the entry of new players to the franchise this time have opted to keep the map and more alive than ever, to make the game does not become so irritating atmosphere.

2-. Fog of War and atmosphere more alive:


One of the visual innovations that I liked about the Demo E3 past "CiviVI" is changing the design of the "fog of war" that visual obstacle preventing you look beyond the borders of your territory, this new installment takes a more interactive change to the saga replacing the particle system that mimicked the fog by a cartographic map style navigation maps, this change makes the fog you more curious to explore more land outside the borders of your cities.



On the atmosphere now the map looks much more alive, now can see the buildings inside the city that you built have or are in the works can be seen as being built over shifts, wonders again the microcinematics construction in this new release where you can see how the "Eiffel Tower" is constructed as an example of wonder, with a realism and a rather remarkable detail where it was also possible to see in "CiviIV" and eliminated in "CivIV" and Civ fans like me is very nice to see these microcinemáticas back.


But not only the cities can be seen more alive, livestock, crabs and sea charge more realism and attention to detail in their animations where you can see the sea can now interact with the bank, livestock grazing, crabs moving freely in its box and detail that your fleet can break the waters and distort them by their passage, in short the graphic aspect is one of the most successful in this release.


3-. Districts:


The most prominent change in this new release are the ability to create districts small towns that are placed in a single box that can be used to expand the boundaries of your cities, each district has different functions, whether research, cultural, production, military, or for growth this makes him look wonderful in this new release since the map will now be more varied and full.


Each district significantly affect the pace of the game as they are possible to improve, for example in the districts of research can build a campus and then go improve it up to build a library that gives you the possibility of discovering new technologies, in districts cultural can build theaters or coliseums and this makes your people much happier.


Wonders in the districts are also built and this makes you bring additional bonuses.   

4-. Leaders:


Still has not been given the number of civilizations that will be in the final version of the game but so what Firaxis has shown video the given number is 17 civilizations / leaders, each civilization has its own leader who represents you throughout departure, United state have to Teddy Roosevelt, the Aztecs Montezuma, the Spaniards Felpie II, these leaders give their unique touch to every civilization and although haiga similarities no civilization will be equal to the next, developers sought through diplomacy with its historical counterpart, for example Catherine de Medici famous French queen difference manage a large network of spies so you'll have spies near the beginning of each game controlling French civilization which gives you more points diplomacy to find new civilizations within the map, another example is Moctezuma that it provides a tougher military system so the only units of the Aztec civilization are the eagle warriors will be the strongest at the beginning of the game and also be able to take prisoners.


Cada líder ofrece algo diferente lo que sus opciones harán que su juego diferente es algo que ofrece un montón de valor de repetición.