Psychology in the Simpsons

4 real disorders in the Simpsons

Today aimed sciences to understand the brain and its operation revealed many of the anomalies of the brain that in ancient times were practically unknown and is today what we understood as a socially acceptable personality often human beings differ in how we act to problems or to other people.


Like to say that I am diagnosed more than two years ago with AS "Asperger Syndrome" but do not see it as something terrible see it as a strength and more people would have to see their strengths and weaknesses as strengths and not weaknesses.


Having cast a brief introduction see some of the characters of the most important and memorable animation of the Simpsons, the cartoon family of America, although they are not the main characters of the series their disorders make them very human, these are 4 more real disorders of The Simpsons characters.

1-. Comic Book Guy: 


The seller comic suffers Asperger's Syndrome is a disorder characterized in that the patient has limited interests or an unusual and obsessive preoccupation with an object or a particular topic, reaching exclude other activities and conversation, in other words it is the "nerd" average.

2-. Mr. Burns:  


C. Montgomery Burns suffers a clear narcissistic personality disorder is the classic stereotype of ruthless capitalist without any kind of scruples.

3-. Krusty the Clown:


Krusty apparently suffers from some form of depression, plus some think it has problems with the abuse of certain substances such as nicotine. In one episode, Krusty mentions that needs dibromato lithium to treat his bipolar disorder.

4-. Nelson munz:  


Suffers defiant disorder and / or disorders of anger because the abuser has class, in other words, it is the typical bully of school profile.


Usually abusers often come from violent homes, which have been mistreating and those who have mistreated them.