The companies of the video games abusing of the developer?

Publisher vs promote it yourself?

that's the question that many indie beginner developers without any experiencie and continued his training (I am between them) in this sector they wonder, is it better contact with a publisher of video games and get much promotion and vewiers and create a community create a community of very simple way where you do not have to move a single ticket or finger because you let a company "publisher" promotes your game and create a fan community around your project? or is it better to create your long-term project without complicate life, without pressure and slowly reaching more people and generate income with him take 100% of these?


First of all, we have explained briefly in the questions that every newbie indie developer does when he wants to sell his first masterpiece. Now we will go with cons explained with examples::


This year the players have seen many of their "videogames dreams" broken and reborn (but mostly broken) have been in the field of video game "independent", promises as No Man's Sky, who have had to deal with pressure and haste in which the game is released for this particular date of a big game company publisher as "SONY" and in the rush to develop as big as promised and promises were saying about No Man's Sky It expected to launch the unfinished game, with a nefarious campaign sales by SONY where most of the covers have to be repaid to users who bought the PC game, the reason? All versions for the Windows platform were sold broken, the only fairly but not absorbed by technical problems with the game was the Console SONY Playstation 4. With their mistakes and delays in processing textures and patterns and the known multiplayer controversy that has already been confirmed that no version has that feature (That shame).

From here we've told you if you have read very carefully the inconvenience to launch your project with a company or publisher of video games, basically, pressure to release the game even unfinished full of errors or that the user pays for a product that does not work on its platform correctly and that your first game ends in the forgotten sector.


The disadvantage of all developer trying to promote the same play, trying their luck and emotion that many people asked things and information about your project interested him, you feel loved for what you are doing, give real good comments or criticisms constructive to improve and look with favor on his latest trailer though that would only happen with 6 or 8 people as their friends or family and after completing his masterpiece want to take your game to the best platform for Internet distribution of games Steam pay 100$ and enter into a voting process and no vote at the end for him, so that his game will not launch on Steam platform until you return with a change of the project and bagging another 100 $.


The developer does not surrender leads to any indie games portal and distributed there for free portal it gives permission and already have in stock to download, 0 users downloaded your game...


It is depressing to know but many of the things we do for ourselves just not being popular with what you can get to fail on your first project (and the truth I have quite afraid that I will spend this) but follow always forward always with objectives well marked and it is always better to think of a plan B in case things do not go as you thought it would come out with this like to say that Blue Sky Exterminator is not my first creation I have many more in process if you arrive has fail.


Never give up! And someday you'll get it and you say to yourself, was itself easy to get to make my dream come true?