The music for big companies

The music of the next age

Some years ago I was working independently with Nick & Danny Chatelain 2 music producers renowned as I spoke and got along as comrades in a store of equipment for Dj's called "Codigo Sound", where I gave my first steps and my nonexistent experience in those years in the field of animation, creating a animation show where I was put them his best themes soundtracks, at the end finished. I liked so much and how complicated it was to make each chapter although they were only 4 chapters had good acceptance, the next was working with them  in creating music videos semianimados (you can see in my portfolio) where starting this service I got to know a lot of artists like Mireia DG, Samuel Eme, etc ..., but that's another story I'll tell other day.


When I was meet better the music industry and electronic music especially when I was a cartoonist for N & D I realized that the sector of the music has changed a lot, but not worse as I thought better. I explain, I realized that the record sales factor is something that was most popular and famous in the music industry was dying in this age of information, and everyone from a computer could  get off with a single click his favorite album without paying a single € / $, but in this age of information was not lost and thanks to the technology, an experimental musician or indie could put his music on Youtube, Facebook, etc. ... completely free without putting a "demo" and then fans  not should pay for the entire track, thanks to monetizing with Adsense, DoubleClick, or MCN Network.

The artist is no longer forced to wait stressed and overwhelmed for a few sales of its new track and still get advertising revenue. Examples of artists who live almost of the music in this way without overwhelmed if they make sales or not, "Different Heaven" "Zarcort" "Dj Bl3nd" even commercial artists are joining in the world of music with advertising as Zomboy and something more earthy Skrillex and Avicii.

These last 2 have been on the tightrope and they want to leave the industry and focus on other things, but you never have to leave without trying and in these times it is better to try a different kind of thing than previously thought you could never live and earn income if not for sale. Both Avicii Skrillex and is now dedicated to creating soundtracks for big brands like Coca-Cola and create epic moments sound in the cinema halls in some films that have participated as directors in the field of sound. Now I want say to the people that is reading this post and that they think that there is no other way without any alternative repetiós this phrase in your head that I'll give to you. Always look until front and you don't never leaving anything behind, if you do not try you will not find a better way.