Star Wars: Rogue One and the feminist promotion

A bad girl feminist rebel, in the trailer of the movie

Clearly, Ido not defend feminism for many reasons including promoting being as its first objective in these modern times gender inequality, but I defend that women should have the same rights as a man and exterminates something that I've follow much time the fighting against the psychological abuse and physical abuse, but fighting as much as for men and women, said this.


From 2014 I'm see a increase of the ego of the feminists in the entertainment industry and nothing more that ruining the cult movies (As GhostBusters) become a promotions showcase for his social move, the next will be see a Robocop femenine version in the cinema, a few Aliens everyone female vs Predators also females "fuck to" the opressors marines. So they have not only made it into the film world, if not already some are noticing an increase in video games but more later I will publish an article of the feminist in the video games world.

In the comments of the Trailer on Youtube could see

a macho comments of everything, these is some of theme:  Fi Skirata write "Feminism... Feminism everywhere", jdmcommute write "More feminist propaganda. It can also be Hillary Clinton battling the Force itself". Roy Fokker write "WTF is up with Rogue One - another WOMAN as a lead actor? Why are they forcing SJW bullshit down our throats?"


Everything remains to be seen how it ends the final version of the movie alluding social and political issues and if you like the currently confused fans of the series or not.