No Man's Sky multiplayer controversy

Streamers started the multiplayer controversy

No Man's Sky is a science fiction game of survival and "multiplayer" with a procedural universe in which the object of the game is to become space pirates, collectors, or explorers to the ultimate goal of achieving reach the center of the universe.


There has been controversy about the hypothetical possibility of meeting with a friend who is online also in the game, the controversy started since two streamers meet on the same planet for proved to see if the multiplayer was true when the two reached the point meeting the characters of these two streamers they were not seen that were next although they claim to have been at the same point where they meet.


To begin with, it is said that the game has a multiplayer aspect but the main experience is that of a player and as a very strange case to meet a friend who also are playing, said by Sean Murray.


Another explanation for that at 2 streamers could not see it is that the game servers may be that they are not prepared technologically level and time and synchronization between players.



Perhaps the only solution we have right now to see if the "theoretical" Multiplayer No Man's Sky is true, is waiting.