News of Fallout 4 and his last DLC

All about Nuka Cola World the last DLC of Fallout 4

Missing a few days for the new DLC of "Fallout 4", The followers like me of this saga of RPG action games we'll can to try it in Augoust of this year. In this post I'm going to show you the last news of this great "DLC" "Nuka Cola World". Let's start!


-This DLC will has a new wasteland zone, where we will are in a theme park with the famous Nuka Cola theme and as the all Theme Parks the park of Nuka Cola World will has a four locations, this locations is calling Safari Zone, Galactic Zone, Kiddy Zone and Wild West. In this video you will can to get more information.

-This DLC could be his the end update for Fallout 4. I wait that not be true, Many followers of this game want to see the "Enclave" faction in the CommonWealth. This is the last "important" update of Fallout 4 the others cosmetic updates is coming.

-We will can to be a villian, and this is the most great update in Fallout 4, In this DLC we will can have our own looters band and will can attack the others settlement for loot them or destroy. In this video you will can to get more information.