The secret life of Pets

A few best animation movie

The secret life of Pets is a new film animation starring by domestic pets very original, creative and funny. 

This movie is a satirical comedy that try explaining what are doing your pets when you aren't in your house? Many many madness. In this movie the true protagonists come will be the neighbors pets Max (abv.) and his friends, Max fell's more sad than his neighbours, because his owner come out of his home, after a little time his owner back's to his home and Max is happy

but for his surprise his owner has a new dog on the home, this big dog is a trouble for Max, Max and his housemate going to give a walk when his new friend start to run and they arrive to an alley full of angry cats. From here the history of Max and his housemate will have many problems for they can return to his home with his owner. This movie it's producing by Illumination Entertaiment, The creators of Despicable Me (Gru mi Villano Favorito in Spain and South America) and Minions. The date in the world's cinema is 8th of July 2016.

Reviews (Spanish, English)

"Mascotas" (The Secret Life of Pets), la nueva película de animación de los creadores de "Gru, mi villano favorito" y por extensión, los Minions, ha conseguido el mejor estreno de la historia en Estados Unidos, con 103 millones de dólares, para una película que no es secuela o remake o reboot, sino una idea original. El récord lo tenía "Del revés" (Inside Out), de Pixar, que en 2015 se lo había arrebatado a "Avatar" (James Cameron, 2009).

The Secret Life of Pets is funnier than Zootopia and fresher than Finding Dory. Bonus points for a genuinely touching finale that had me crying behind my 3-D glasses.